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On Edge tn
Baltic Seaside tn
Hard Raintn
Birch Stand

These textile installations capture my personal narrative about the world and show my attempts to harness textiles to a three-dimensional expression while maintaining its tactile identity. These pieces coax the viewer to share a physical space with my visions of natural phenomena as they filter through my artistic re-interpretations.

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Hard Rain

65h x 96w x 28d

Such a nourishment of earth, rain collects our atmosphere’s pollutants and carries them back down to us – mixing the blessing with the curse.  This environmental installation is constructed of three layers of silk organza that have been rusted, burned and stitched to recreate the delicacy, beauty and harm that acid rain brings.

Birch Stand

75h x 46w x 11d

Walking through a birch forest in Lithuania at end of day, the setting sun changed the colors of the bark as I walked toward the trees, blinded by the setting sun, and then turned to walk back with the burning light behind me. This stand of birch is constructed of quilted double sided panels of Shibori discharged and dyed cotton sewn onto transparent fabric.

Baltic Seaside

43h x 43w x 4d

The Baltic Sea is ringed with large dunes and tall grasses.  Approaching the seaside at days end, I feel the cool winds against my face and eyes, bleaching out the view. As I approache the sea, the distant sunset filters through the grasses and blends the muted view of sea and sky.  This triptych is constructed of resisted discharge on cotton sateen, dyed and stitched.

On Edge

43h x 50w x 12d

We anticipate that edges are sharp and definitive.  Edges are surfaces that expand in form and texture when examining them closely. The double-sided nine panels hang at an angle that provide a changing view as you move across the space.  The work was made using variously discharged rayon, quilted and sewn with rayon threads. 



44 x 68w x 5d

Standing in a rainstorm I become aware that hard rain falls in waves and undulates around me, creating a physical curtain that drapes and falls.  This work is constructed of rusted and burned silk, appliquéd over several layers of dyed cottons and silks and stitched with variegated threads.



Surround Sound

38h x 50w x 8d

There are times when sound and image envelope me; swelling, receding, growing and diminishing. This discharged whole cloth rayon work – shirred and stitched, attempts to communicate that embrace.

Core Sample

48h x 64w x 4d

Watching geologists drill core samples in Colorado’s Piance Creek Basin in search of rich oil shale deposits, I was struck by the marriage of encapsulated vibrant hues and textures of our Earth’s layers and the striking prehistoric record that it told. This piece is a multi-layered appliqué of discharged, rusted, dyed and painted, silk, rayon, cotton and nylon fabrics overlaid and stitched with various shimmering sheer cloth.

Verdant Mesa

44h x 37w x 5d

On sunset drives home from visiting the Rocky Mountain National Park, the undulating northern valley of ancient rock and river-bed mesas is bathed in golden light. This work is constructed of layered appliqués of discharged, rusted and dyed silks and cottons; overlaid with sheer fabrics and stitched.

Eroded Message

45h x 15w x 4d

This columnar triptych recreates the first impressions of seeing the surviving marble columns from the 5,000 year old ruins of a Minoan palace in Crete: where passers-by were told of the many virtues of the noble family within. This work is constructed of soy wax resisted and rusted silk, burned and stitched.

Terra Cores 1, 2 & 3

Each core: 43h x 5w x 4d
All three cores as single installation: 43h x 35w x 4d

This tubular installation is inspired by my memories of core drilling samples taken from the Roan Plateau in Colorado - where evidence of prehistoric layering and fracturing of the Earth’s crust still hold mystery. The individual cores are constructed with stitched rayon fabric that has been discharged on snow using soy wax resist.


23h x 31w x 7d

A seaside evening bathed in golden light transports and surrounds the spirit like a soft melody. Constructed of one continuous rayon cloth - soy wax resisted, discharged, batted, wrapped back onto itself and stitched.